Virgin Islands Farmers Markets

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Queen Cross Street Saint Croix Virgin Islands
Estate Body Slob Saint Croix Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas Virgin Islands
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Virgin-Islands-Farmers-Markets – A Taste for the Tropical

Virgin-Islands-Farmers-Market anywhere in the world offer a much healthier source of food for its consumers while at the same time greasing the economic wheels in its geographical location through the employment of small scale farmers.
Virgin Islands Farmers Markets
And for smaller states whose inhabitants have fewer income options, supporting their small-scale farmers is pertinent to its socio-economic growth and development.

Located over a thousand miles south of Miami and closer to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands territory of the United States is perhaps one of the most eclectic of the 51 states. More Caribbean then what a picture of the United States conjures; the islands thrive on tourism, as it is known for its exotic flora and fauna, beautiful white sandy beaches giving way to turquoise blue ocean.

With its small tropical equatorial landmasses, the Virgin Islands Farmers Markets offers an exotic as well as tasty treat although a little on the expansive side. The islands are renowned for its crabs and coconut. Matured breadfruit off the tree, fresh passion fruit off the vines and juicy papaya from the tree, the population of the Virgin Islands, most of whom are Afro-Caribbean, thrive on these healthy treats not only for their daily sustenance but for subsistent income as well.

And all these can be found in the fruits and vegetable stands that serve as Virgin Islands Farmers Markets in the scattered islands. Manned by the mostly Rastafarian farmers on the island, the stands offer healthy as well as organic options not only for the locals but also for the thousands of tourists that visit the island year-round.

Sweet tree-ripened mangoes, coconuts, pineapples and star fruits are examples of what one is offered at the local farmers market.

There is also the option of picking fresh and organic vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, kale, cilantro and beets straight from the garden. However, these are few and are not always available as these produce are seasonally harvested.

From the ocean, the offers are aplenty. Surrounded by beautiful reefs, the islanders love their reef fish. At the local fish market, fish can be found in an array of colors, as beautiful as the ocean they came from.

For fresh cooked foods, there are mobile food trucks offering an assortment of freshly cooked exotic as well as delicious dishes.

Delicious beach BBQ’s are a go-to for tourists and locals alike not only for its food but for the accompanying eclectic floor shows, of steel pan music, limbo dancing and ‘mocko jumbies’ or stilt walkers/dancers.

However, due to its location and size, the farmers markets and farmers produce in these islands are admittedly expansive when compared to what one can get from grocery stores selling imported goods.

But even though they are a pricey experience, it is money well spent not only for the value of the product but also for the fact that it ensures the injection of this money back into these small islands through the farmers.