Vermont Farmers Markets

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Vermont’s recipe for health and happiness – Vermont Farmers Marketss

For a state that is rich in its agricultural history, Vermont continues to lead the nation in various agrarian-production, uncontested in its position as the leading national maple syrup producer.  This, combined with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Vermont landscapes, is probably a contributing factor to the states continuous ranking in the annual top five healthy and happy states nationwide.Vermont Farmers Markets

It is also famous for its Merino sheep and dairy production boasting Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as its very own.

As such, it is not uncommon to be exposed to a wide variety of agricultural produce at a Vermont Farmers Markets.

From locally made wines to home made baked goodies, beautifully made handicrafts to animal products, Vermonters have access to some of the highest quality farmers produce at their fingertips, year-round.

As is the trend nation-wide, summer farmers markets in Vermont provide an exciting and wide range for the palate of the health-conscious and more “eco-aware”.

The warmth of the summer brings with it fresh vegetables and fruits produced by family owned-and-run farms that have ripened and are ready for the picking or harvesting. It is the perfect accompaniment to Vermont’s summer days and nights filled with a variety of arts festivities, outdoors activities and inspiring social gatherings in downtowns across the state.

With the summer produce coming into season from anytime between late spring to early fall, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables are a cheap treat during the farmers markets.

Walking through these summer farmers markets is enough to inspire one and set them on a lifelong path of health and happiness.

As the seasons change into the colder months of the year, the number of vendors at Vermont farmers markets dwindles, but the variety and quality of farm freshness remains unwavering.

With the vendors selling plenty to suffice for fresh salad greens during the winter to locally grown apples and fermented cider, thankfully, the phrase ‘winter is coming’ is not so odious for Vermonters.

Winter markets also provide local wool to keep off the winter chill, plenty of healthy grass-fed meats, beautifully aged cheeses from the local artisan, fresh breads, honey, marmalades and jams. Throw in delicious maple syrup and other maple products, warm home cooked foods, wines and handicrafts, and you have the recipe for warmth and comfort during the winter months.

The Vermont Farmers Market proves yearlong that it is the perfect place to shop and eat healthy and eco-friendly and to visit and learn more about the local culture of one of the pioneer states of the Union.

And for farmers in the state, small scale and otherwise, the fact that state capital Montpelier is the only state capital in the United States that does not have a McDonald’s is perhaps an encouraging sign. In the age of fast-everything, it is almost symbolic that one of the oldest agricultural states in the US does not have an outlet for the international giant fast food conglomerate in its capital.