Texas Farmers Markets

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The Small Farmer – Texas Farmers Markets

In recent years world sees growing consumers interest in more private ecologically clean farm products, and so the ever popular demand for private small farms products is as high as ever.

Texas farmers markets are now in a developing stage. Over the past 10 years, the variety and quantity of production in Texas has increased several times. The first place takes the cultivation of fruits and berries, especially strawberries. The organization itself of the market has changed – there are nowadays places for recreation, children’s playgrounds and cafes. Almost all markets are equipped with toilets and parking. In addition, the redesigned website offers to view profiles of each of the producers.

What can you buy on the market? Highly sought-after are tomatoes, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, green beans, new potatoes, zucchini and yellow squash and more. Also prepared foods (soups, entrees, pimento cheese) listed on a refrigerator; different cookies (including Wackym’s Kitchen’s new chile cheese biscuit); breads and buns; plus a great mix of farmers who sell various organics; pastured meats and more.In addition to a solid selection of growers (fresh fruits and vegetables) and ranchers (pastured meats), it boasts a concentration of specialty food purveyors.

The largest selection of products can be found on the weekends. On Sunday, on the harvest season, it is impossible to find a parking spot, and markets are full of tents. Farmers, artisanal producers and dealers (who sell regular grocery-store produce) are doubling up from May to October. Traffic at the market is so brisk that from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. most Saturdays and Sundays through the end of the year, you can park just in 5-7 miles.Texas Farmers Markets

Many vendors regularly of Texas farmers markets sell products and have established themselves as credible: Johnson’s Backyard Garden organic produce, Brazos Valley Cheese; LoseeFarm ,-JuHa Ranch, near Barry; Providence Ranch (East Texas); plus others.

A lot of manufacturers are traded on the market McKinney. This year a lot of farmers-newcomers started to sell their products, such as Tangle-wood Creek family farm (Bonham), which produces several kinds of wonderful homemade cookies and salty crackers, as well as about nine kinds of garlic; Lihoudies (McKinney) home baked Greek pastries; Nate Raw Vintage sprouted, organic snacks (Dallas); Sweetie Pies selling fried pies; and Luscombe Farm (Anna) propose seasonal jams in addition to their signature pepper jelly.

Texas law also introduced new laws that allow farmers to sell products on-site, on their farms.

Some examples locally: Sugar Plus Love gluten-free cookies at Little D and White Rock Local Market Lakeside; Joe the Baker at Coppell; Mom’s Buns Bakery and Swedish Sisters Bakery at White Rock; Lihoudies baked goods at McKinney.

Great importance is attached to organic products. Highly prized fruits and vegetables grown ecological way and without using of harmful substances against insects and weeds.

Newbies in Garland and Mesquiteis  the first full year for Market-Place Garland, the third Saturday of the month through September, and Market-Place Mesquite, the second Saturday of the month through September.

Be sure to come to the market with small bills and coins, since sellers newer have enough spare change.