Ohio Farmers Markets

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Corner of E. Main St. and Mechanic Ave. Alliance Ohio 44601
Bridge Street by the Lift Bridge Kingsville Ohio 44048
3717 N. Ridge Road Perry Ohio 44081
3910 Avon Lake Road Litchfield Ohio
Barron Street and Somers Street Eaton Ohio 45320
189 Jackson Pike Gallipolis Ohio 45631
Indian Ripple Road, North of I 675 Beavercreek Ohio
224 N. Clay Street St. Millersburg Ohio 44654
4655 RIVER ROAD Fairfield Ohio 45014
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Ohio Farmers Markets

Ohio the buckeye state, known for its unofficial Buckeye candy and providing eight US presidents William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding.

The state pulls in over $10 Billion and sustains over 437,000 jobs that its tourism and agriculture industry helps provide. Be it the peanut butter dipped in chocolate that is used in making the states Bucheye candy, or the cheese used in making Cheese Coney, and then there’s the chickens used in Millers Chickens. Sourced locally from various Farmers Markets.

The Ohio Farmers Markets known for keeping Cleveland denizens happy and full. Every morning, fresh produce are sources from early morning Farmers markets across Ohio, from Greene County to Wayne County and all the way to Mahoning County. All of which is supplier to Cleveland’s growing list of Restaurants, grocers and retain chains.
Ohio Farmers Markets
The daily Farmers Markets that provide the life blood of Cleveland and the rest of Ohio

  • AKRON: Countryside Farmers Market at Highland Square
  • ASHLAND: Local Roots Ashland
  • ASHTABULA: Ashtabula Farmers Market
  • AURORA: Aurora Farmers Market
  • BARBERTON: Nds Downtown Barberton Farmers Market
  • BEACHWOOD: North-Union Farmers Market at Cleveland Clinic Beachwood
  • BRIMFIELD: Brimfield Farmers Market
  • CANAL FULTON: Locust Street Farmers Market
  • Gervasi Farmers Market
  • CHAGRIN FALLS: North Union Farmers Market at Chagrin Falls
  • CHARDON: Chardon Square Association Farmers Market
  • COPLEY: Copley Creek side Farmers Market: 1265 S Cleveland Massillon Road, Copley, 44321.
  • CUYAHOGA FALLS: Farmers Market 1201 Grant Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 44223.
  • EAST CLEVELAND: Coit Road Farmers Market: 15000 Woodworth Road, East Cleveland, 44112.
  • EUCLID: Euclid Farmers Market: 291 E. 222nd St., Euclid, 44123.
  • GREEN: Green Farmers Market
  • HUDSON: Hudson Farmers Market

In Cleveland there are various markets that offer Farm fresh products straight from the County markets.

  • Blue Pike Farm Market
  • Broadway Farmers Market: Corner of E. 65th and Kenyon Avenue (South of Broadway Avenue), Cleveland, 44105.
  • Cavotta’s Garden Center and Urban Farm: 19603 Nottingham Road, Cleveland.
  • Green Corps Buckeye Woodland Farm Stand: 11305 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, 44104.
  • Green Corps Slavic Village Farm Stand: 5406 Fleet Ave., Cleveland, 44105.
  • North Union Farmers Market at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus 2049 East 100th St., Cleveland, 44106.
  • North-Union Farmers Market at Ohio City: 2012 W. 25th St.
  • North-Union Farmers Market at Playhouse Square as well as Cleveland State University
  • North-Union Farmers Market at Shaker Square
  • Ohio City Farm Stand: W. 24th Street as well as Bridge Avenue, Cleveland, 44113.
  • Salaam Marketplace Farm: 3600 E. 131st Street, Cleveland, 44120.

These Ohio Farmers Markets draw in large crowds when their season is in full bloom

  • Crocker Park Market: AprilDecember
  • Crocker Park Indoor Winter Market: January – March
  • Chagrin Falls Market: June – October
  • Ohio City Market: June – September
  • Cleveland-Clinic Main Campus Market: June – October
  • Cleveland Clinic-Beachwood Market: June – September
  • University Hospitals Market: June – September
  • Playhouse-Square Market: June – September
  • Shaker Square Market: April – December
  • Shaker SquareIndoor Winter Market: January – March

Photo by Edsel L