Nevada Farmers Markets

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Green Eggs and Ham in the desert @ Nevada Farmers Markets

In the desert one would think that buying fresh grown produce is an absolute impossibility. However there are several Nevada Farmers Markets providing local residents and tourists with plenty of opportunities to meet local farmers and purchase luscious green, gold and red vegetables and fruit.

Nevada is a vast desert region, the driest state and only receives about 7inches of rain per annum, as well as the fourth largest gold producer globally. One can understand the challenges that farmers must endure in this region to ensure juicy, nutritious produce in these conditions. The most densely populated county is Clarke County home of Las Vegas. Clarke County, Las Vegas is a huge tourist attraction and in 2009 had 40 million visitors. Ranching in rural Nevada is an important economic trade; agricultural outputs from Nevada are hay, cattle and dairy products.

Knowing where your food comes from and how it has been grown and what it has been treated with makes you feel better about your family’s health and nutrition. Food bought locally tastes better and fresher as it has not been shipped from far areas and it has been harvested within 24 hours of you purchasing it. Local purchasing of fresh produce and livestock strengthens and stimulates the local economy.

In season thousands of people throng through the several Nevada Farmers Markets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on when their local market is trading. Stocking up on the most delectable foodstuffs, and arts and crafts. Fresh farm fruit, crunchy vegetables, home baked artisan breads, cakes, local fresh breads, European breads, hand crafted items, pastries, nuts, honey, fresh pasta, plants, fresh cut flowers. All these markets each have entertainment and something for the children and adults, with live music, seasonal cooking lessons by local chefs, artisans and artists and custom jewellery. Sometimes the availability or selections vary from week to week, depending on the season and rainfall.
Nevada Farmers Markets
Local chefs love the markets as they get to see what is in season every week, they meet with local producers, sample all the locally available products, and they get to purchase the freshest, tastiest ingredients, needed for their succulent dishes in their restaurants. It is fun and exciting for local residents to see the chefs using locally grown products in their meals, purchased from the markets.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of the wares available at these venues in Nevada; EBT machines are being implemented into certain markets, to make SNAP available. It is a family day out shopping, bring them all and pop into to speak to each one of the friendly farmers.

The goal and ideal of these markets is to enhance the economy and quality of life of the local community, by supporting self-sustainable local farmers who trade directly with their consumers, imbibing the spirit of community and ensuring consumer education. Most markets according to state wide legislation are waste free.

Unfortunately no dogs are permitted at farmers markets. Service pets are allowed. These markets are a conglomeration of market, music, festivities and food education.