Idaho Farmers Markets

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Idaho Farmers Markets – The Lentil Capital Of The World

Idaho grows one third of the USA’s potatoes and Moscow, in Idaho, is the top producer of lentils,is known as The Lentil Capital of the world. Idaho also has the largest Hops farm in the world which grows Hops on 1800 acres of land.

Idaho Farmers Markets have grown to over 50 across the state; they are community based, grassroots level markets which are definitely worth visiting in the summer. These are ever growing community events where people come to buy locally sourced fresh produce and they interact with the producers of the products and their neighbors. Food trucks even establish markets in low income areas and areas where people cannot travel to or afford the usual markets.Idaho Farmers Markets

Idaho plans to grow these community based events with more emphasis on sustainable farming, focusing on local food and cultivating newcomers into the agricultural sector. They want to educate the community on local resources and how these tiny markets benefit the local economy.

Customers are attracted to these venues by the sentimentality of buying directly from the producer; other motivations are searching for organic and unique products with a superior quality and being able to converse with and get to know the producer their food is coming from. Added Arts and Crafts, music and entertainment turn a regular, produce purchasing, chore into fun and excitement for the whole family. Consumers are starting to understand the economic effect and benefits of purchasing locally; it is fresher and tastier and enhances the ecology of the area, when farmed sustainability and responsibly. Farmland is a vital part of Idaho’s heritage and future; Idaho Farmers Markets intend to grow this resource within their community; having an even larger positive impact on the local community, local economy and local ecology. Markets are the business incubators of the region and will lead to many more innovations and stimulation of the community at large.

Idaho have year round markets or seasonal markets, the cosmopolitan diversity of products available, the arts and crafts and entertainment bring patrons from hundreds of miles away. Tourists and visitors swarm the markets in the summer loving the authenticity of these events.

A cornucopia of products including the following are on sale at most markets across the state. Baked Goods,Dried Fruits &Eggs,Nuts, Berries, Fresh fruits & veggies,Flowers, Meats (beef, lamb, & pork), Jams, jellies, & preserves, Nursery stock ,Herbs & Honey, Handmade Crafts, Specialty Foods.

Pointers on your best market experience are; Come early for the best produce, most markets accept cards and cash however if you are unsure take cash in small bills. Ask the grower for cooking tips and recipes. Bring your own shopping Bags. Bring a cooler for your perishables to keep cool. Most markets do not allow animals. Toss your stresses aside, enjoy your neighbors.

These markets are bustling hives of activity excitement and socializing, recreating the old fashioned market place spirit, for future generations to come. Live music, Live entertainment, Living for life and life itself.