Hawaii Farmers Markets

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79-7500 Mamalahoa Highway Kealakekua Hawaii 96750
Kalanianaole Highway at Keahole Street Honolulu Hawaii 96816
Across from Hale Halawai Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740
Akebono Parking Lot Pahoa Hawaii
5-5785 Kuhio Highway Hanalei Hawaii 96714
Laupahoehoe - next to the Minit Stop on Hwy. 19 Laupahoehoe Hawaii
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Visiting Hawaii Farmers Markets

After intensive farming every other farmer wants to take their goods to the market while at the same time remain hopeful of getting the best bids for their produce. Hence, there is a lot of competition in those markets.  Hawaii Farmers Markets are not left behind either. Visiting these markets is the only way you are sure of having an exposure into the amazing cultural diversity of Hawaii Island.

The selection in those markets is not anything to compare to and the prices are just on point. For those keen on obtaining fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables that are common use in Hawaii Regional Cuisine, you will get good deals in these markets.  The markets are in different locations with different operational timings.

Hilo Farmer’s Market located downtown Hilo is known to be one of the best open markets in Hawaii. Many users of the market have openly stated that being the colorful market it is, chances of spotting that you have not seen before are very high.  As such, the market receives huge numbers of both local and international visitors. They all want to find what they want at affordable prices.
Hawaii Farmers Markets
Apart from the food you will also find huge buckets of orchids and anthuriums lining up the stalls. At the craft section, you will not miss out on wind chimes, etched glass and koa wood treasures. For those who may wish to get something special for someone, Hilo markets presents you local t-shirts, tropical fashions, and handmade jewelry.   The secret is to be in the market early if you want best choices from the more than 200 vendors in this market

The market opens on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Other markets that you will find in Hilo

Honokaa Farmers Market is another of its kind. It opens in the afternoon throughout the year. You will find tons of locally and freshly grown vegetable and fruits. Some of the exotic fruits available for sale by the local farmers include Mangosteen or Rambutan.

Regardless of what you buy in this market you have an option of paying by cash, credit cards, and debit cards. However, it is advisable that you get there early so as to have all the time.  It is just an amazing market full of cultural diversity of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Homestead Farmers Market located in Waimea and operates on Saturday mornings and was started by Five Hawaiian homestead families. Aided by UH Cooperative Extension agent, Andrew Kawabata, the families began by putting up tents while bringing fresh farm item. And apart from the fresh locally grown produce, restricted quantities of crafts are allowed. All suppliers must obtain a market approval from the board. You will also find Kekela Farm in Waimea.

Various other places, Kohala, Kona, Kau, and Puna have other markets from where you can get all sorts of items. You will be spoilt for choice despite the market you chose to buy your produce from hence the need to embrace Hawaii Farmers Markets.