Delaware Farmers Markets

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12th & Brandywine Streets Wilmington Delaware 19801
Loockerman Way Plaza - Loockerman Street Dover Delaware 19904
Mispillion Riverwalk and South Walnut Street MILFORD Delaware 19963
Garfield Parkway and Pennsylvania Avenue Bethany Beach Delaware 19930
Corner on Union and Magnolia Streets Milton Delaware 19968
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Corn and Cake in Delaware Farmers Markets

Delaware farmers markets are growing and new ones are appearing every year. Some of these markets are an eclectic mixture of many nationalities and cultures and others are simple home-grown local establishments.12 new ones opened this year, making the amount of markets in Delaware over 25 different to choose from every season.

Most Farmers Markets in Delaware are community run where you can buy from state wide vendors in one place. There is an app available for most devices so you can use your smartphone or tablet to find markets near you and source the products you wish to purchase before packing up the car and travelling.

Certain markets are seasonal while others are open Year round, come rain or sunshine. It isadvisable to take smaller bills with you for your purchases instead of planning to use any credit or debit cards. Senior citizens can get vouchers for Farmers Market foods from the Delaware County Council for Older Adults.Fresh Yellow Corn

On Farm markets are also very popular in Delaware and host a variety of fresh produce grown and cultivated by the owner. Farmers Markets are one way to chat directly to the producer of the fresh foodstuff you are purchasing ensuring that they are grown responsibly and organically. Driving through Delaware one can see what would be on offer at these markets, as all the food is grown here.From retail stores to roadside stands the variety of fresh produce available from Delaware Farmers Markets is staggering.

Most of the markets are seasonal so it would be advisable to phone ahead to ensure they are open and that their stock has not sold out by the time you arrive. Farmers markets offer a wide variety of products and services antiques and collectibles, farm fresh ice cream,eggs, meat,bison burgers, local sausage, baked goods; breads and pastries, lavender chocolate, jerky and scrapple. Abundant healthy seasonal fresh produce, cherry cider,honey,arts and crafts, homemade soaps and pottery and live or cut fresh plants and flowers. Some markets even offer kids activities or host children’s story times.

Certain Farmers markets in Delaware have Amish producers who sell fresh produce and preserves, pickles and Amish bakeries with the most delectable baked products pies, desserts, cinnamon rolls and a whole lot more.

One of the markets has taken Farmers Markets to a whole new level by providing educational and marketing opportunities to create sustainable food systems for emerging farmers, which would help improve the nutritional value, variety and distribution of farm foods to the community.

If you enjoy a wholesome outing with the sunshine warming your face, meeting the locals, being entertained by Live music, informed via demonstration’s and classes. Chatting and visiting with friend s and family, entertaining the kids and shopping for locally grown produce and arts or crafts this is the place to spend your weekend. These markets in Delaware have something for everyone and it is certainly not something to be missed in your shopping expeditions and cultural experiences.