Arkansas Farmers Markets

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Main and Sixth Stuttgart Arkansas 72160
Courthouse Square in Harrison Harrison Arkansas 72602
Courthouse Square Cotter Arkansas 72626
Greenwood town square Greenwood Arkansas
Downtown on Poplar St. Marianna Arkansas 72368
2200 West Main St. Russellville Arkansas 72801
main street across county court house WalnutRidge Arkansas
E. State Hwy. 10 Booneville Arkansas 72927
705 E. Union Ave. Wynne Arkansas 72396
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A Look Into Arkansas Farmers Markets

Farmers are much valuable and reliable in the society. We all need their services and cannot live without them? What do I mean? We eat to leave hence we are being fed by the farmer. Not everyone who is a farmer but everyone needs food. How then do this happen? There are an existence of markets which is a link between farmers and non-farmers.
Arkansas Farmers Markets
Market as a connection

As I earlier said, market acts as a bond between different people from different societies. This is where you will meet and interactions begin. There are various kinds of markets in various places. Some of high class and good quality products and the vice versa. In fact there are many farmers markets to talk about but I will base my ideas on the famous Arkansas farmers markets.

Potential producers

This farmers market is one of the grown market with potential producers. If you are a resident from Arkansas and do produce an agronomic product, you are highly favored because for once you have to list your statistics for marketing on thewebsite and actually free of charge. In doing this way, the state ensures that all latent consumers are able to get intact with their producers.

Large scale and small scale producers

There are actually large and small scale producers but again all of them meet in one place no matter the level of agricultural production.Arkansas farming is widely varied in crops and large scale production.

Vendor guide for the farmers market

As a farmer, you actually need a guide on how to market your productivity. Vendor guide contains the rules, strategies, principles and other information concerning agricultural producers. For development of the market, there must be such guidelines for betterment of the future. For this reason, customers will be able to recognize a market for their choice.


There are some of the necessities that should be met when selling food stuffs. The requirements are therefore established by the retail food foundation. This operation ensures that every human acquires the right food for consumption. Farmers market vends raw foods directly as they are (raw) from the producer. Some of these raw yields include:

  • Animal products like meat
  • Poultry products i.e. meat and eggs
  • Plants like flowers
  • Vegetables and
  • Fruits

Exporters’ advantage

The Arkansas merchandise exporters have actually benefited from the united state’s agreement on trade among other countries. The market exports some of the industrial products like:

  • Machinery exports
  • Chemical products
  • Metallic products and
  • Forest yields

Requirements from the department of agriculture

If you are transporting, offering or selling a product within the state, you must adhere to the rules and regulations given from the department of agriculture. Some of the rules indicate that:

  • No unpackaged sales in the market.
  • The containers used for sale must have labels


Both buyers and sellers have advantages. As a buyer, you buy a commodity which will actually benefit you and you as a seller, you sell good product to buy a better of product.